Gelsenkirchen plant

Gelsenkirchen plant

Avangard Malz Betrieb Gelsenkirchen

45881 Gelsenkirchen
Hafenstrasse 14
Tel.: 0209 940910
Fax: 0209 9409128

Capacity: 130.000 t/a

Built: 1968-1972

Malt-types: Pilsen Malt, Caramel Malt, Munich Malt, Pale Ale Malt, Vienna Malt

2 Production lines
1 Washing drum
2 Steephouses
2 x 2 Kilns
6 Steep-Germination boxes
6 Saladin-Germination boxes
1 Cooling machine
Energy network with refinery

Facilities: 2 Production lines, 1 Washing drum , 2 Steephouses, 2 x 2 Kilns, 6 Steep-Germination boxes, 6 Saladin-Germination boxes, 1 Cooling machine, Energy network with refinery

Malt-dispatch: by truck, train, barge, container, bag

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Do you want to buy our malt?

Please contact
Mrs. Sarah Zurawski for countries in Europe
tel.: +49 2099409152
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Mr. Holger Winkelmann for the rest of the world except USA
tel.: +492099409151
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Within the USA you can buy our malt through LD Carlson