А company is only as good as its staff. Above all, because of the continual increasing demands of everyday working lives. Therefore we educate our staff continuosly, uncovering and promoting hidden capabilities.

We know that in the future, well-trained staff will become increasingly hard to find in the job market and therefore we train young people to become electricians, mechanics, specialists in food technology and experts in wholesale and foreign trade. Suitable and commited skilled employees earn the chance to educate themselves at further education establishments and vocational training schools.

No compromises are taken on the safety of our staff, instructions regarding on-the-job safety are adhered so strictly.


Do you want to buy our malt?

Please contact
Mrs. Sarah Zurawski for countries in Europe
tel.: +49 2099409152
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Mr. Holger Winkelmann for the rest of the world except USA
tel.: +492099409151
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Within the USA you can buy our malt through LD Carlson