AVANGARD MALZ is a young company with established roots in malting business

  1. 2006

    The history starts in 2006, when the assets of the bankrupt company Weissheimer Malz were bought by Mr. Kirill Minovalov.

  2. 2007

  3. 2008

    In the following years big investments were made, with the goal to refurbish the plants and make them fit for the future.

    The construction site in Koblenz was relaunched and the plant started operation in 2008 as the one and only totally new built plant in Germany at that time.

  4. 2009

  5. 2010

  6. 2011

  7. 2012

    Installation of a Bagging Line at Gelsenkirchen plant.

    Construction of an Energy Network at Koblenz plant.

  8. 2013

  9. 2014

    Installation of a Container loading facility at Koblenz plant.

    Installation of an Energy Compound System with CHP and Heat Pump at Lechfeld Plant.

  10. 2015

  11. 2016

    With a capacity of more than 340000 mt of malt per year and the advantageous loactions in terms of logistic and vicinity to prominent barley sourcing areas, AVANGARD MALZ is the leading malting company in Germany today.

    To ensure sustainable growth and competitiveness, big investments in energy supply were made in the past years.

Avangard Malz AG is a German joint stock company registered in Germany and working according to German commercial laws. It owns four plants with an annual production capacity of 380,000 t malt. The vast majority of raw material required is sourced fr om the main European growing areas such as Germany, France, Denmark, Sweden and UK. Small quantities are supplied by other EU countries. The plant based in Southern Germany sources its raw material from regional production.
The owner of the company is Mr. Kirill Minovalov. Neither he himself nor his Bank Avangard are included in international embargoes or black lists of EU and other states.
Since its founding in 2006 more than 100 million Euros have been invested into the plants. All profits have been reinvested. No dividends have been paid to the shareholders and it is not intended to do so. The target is rather to strengthen the financial power of the company to preserve existing workforce and the expand in the future. In fact employee numbers have almost doubled since 2006 reaching 140 today.
All construction work is performed by German and EU based companies. In the coming years numerous investments are planned with the aim of achieving CO2 neutral production.


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Within the USA you can buy our malt through LD Carlson